5 Accessories to Change up Your Outfit

So, you’re sick of your clothes. It can seem like you went shopping, yet here you are, staring blankly at your closet, stressing because you have “nothing to wear.” I think I can speak for pretty much everyone when I say we have all been there. Sometimes nothing in your wardrobe screams out to you, and you are stuck feeling like anything you wear will be boring or just not right.

Since we all don’t have the luxury of running out to the mall or nearest boutique to pick up something new every time this crisis presents itself, we have to learn to get a little imaginative. Sometimes it takes some serious creativity to think up new outfits using the garments you’ve had hanging in your closet for what seems like forever. Luckily, there are little things called accessories. Ever heard of them?

Accessories are the perfect way to easily and quickly transform your outfit into something totally new, even if it’s three seasons old. Below are some of my favorite ways to use accessories to make an old outfit new again.

Statement Necklace
Few things are as bold as statement necklaces, and that’s why they’re great for last-minute outfit add-ons. There are all kinds of ways to use statement necklaces to your advantage, whether you’re layering long and short pendants over a top or you’re sporting a loud, chunky piece around your neckline. There are examples that can give you some fresh ideas.

I love scarves because they actually serve a function while they spruce up your fashion. Since it’s fall, there is no time like the present to throw on a scarf to give your look a little pop. Choose a fun, printed scarf to bring zing to a monochromatic outfit, or pick a neutral tone to simply add some texture to your look.

Unexpected Outerwear
A coat or vest can easily be categorized as an accessory if you wear it like one. What do I mean? Well, if you choose a completely unexpected leather moto jacket to hold on your arm or wear intermittently, you’re using your jacket as an accessory. Use a contrasting style to really spice things up like adding embroidered or printed designs for a surprising twist. You can find several fun and funky outerwear options with this classic American designer  if you need a little insight into some unique outerwear.

coach ylst.jpg

Look-at-Me Shoes
Another great way to change up an old outfit is to stick with the element of surprise, only this time making your footwear the life of the party. With flashy shoes you’ll instantly bring a whole new vibe to your look, especially if you would always wear the same footwear with the same outfits. Metallic shoes are trending right now, but if shine isn’t your style just pick a pair in a fun color for a punchy pop.

Last but not least, when all else fails, bring a hat into the mix. Plenty of wide-brimmed styles are popular right now, and beanies are always appropriate for the cooler months. Find the style that fits your personality and face/head shape, and you will have a secret weapon for any day your wardrobe fails you. Then, take a look at Stylishly Me these 15 outfits with hats if you’re not sure how to rock it.

*In collaboration with Stacy Jameson*

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