Local Artist: Dinah Dietrich

I hope you all had a happy 4th of July! I know I did! Today, I am going to introduce a local artist to you all and her name is Dinah Dietrich. She is very talented at many different levels. If you have been to Venice Lash Lounge, you will see her art displayed there and she is also their receptionist! She always makes everyone feel so welcome. If you have any art needs then you should go see her!

Below is an interview with Dinah and I hope you enjoy it!


1. Tell the readers a little about yourself. My name is Dinah Dietrich, I was born here in Greenville South Carolina. I always loved doing art but, more recently than ever I realized how important it is to create. I went to Southside Christian School my whole life, always loved art, built my first portfolio, realized I love faces. I think people are so beautiful and it’s amazing that we were all born so unique and nobody looks the same.

2. Describe your artistic style.
My style is ever-changing, there is no one style that I love more than another but I will say putting emotion into our work is my favorite kind to produce.

3. What kind of person purchases your art?
Because I have artwork at coffee shops, a salon and a restaurant restaurant; I have all different types of buyers. I would say that most people that are very trendy and I’m very thankful for them !!

4. Who in the industry do you consider an inspiration?
Bob Ross. I am totally that person that watches the Bob Ross videos on Netflix.He is seriously a gifted teaching man

5. What art style is your favorite?
I love art that has emotion involved, there’s a studio in Charleston South Carolina called Robert Lange studious, it’s just incredible to experience. The last time I was there there I was looking at it and an artist nearby told me the story and I welled up with emotion. That’s what I love the most about art. As for medium of artwork, I love a pen and pencil, but my favorite would be oil paints.

6. What is your favorite piece you ever created?
My favorite thing I’ve ever created is an eye ball with two hands holding the iris. Very creepy, but very cool. I have got so much feedback from that one in particular. I even used it on my business card because it is captivating!! I think it stands out.

7. Do you want art to become your career or a hobby?
I would love for my artwork to be successful enough for me to only sell paintings. But with that being said, I’ve always been afraid that if art turns into a job and not a hobby I would lose the fun in it. So we’ll see what happens! At this point, I’m just doing it on the side for extra money.

8. Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to get started in art?
My advice to anyone who wants to get started to go to a class. I used to work at this step-by-step one night painting tutorial from an artist and everyone could drink wine. The teachers are extremely helpful. every single student’s art comes out better than would’ve expected that they can do. Because they realize that they can do much more than A stick figure, like they’ve always claimed.

Art by Dinah Dietrich. If you want to see more check out her website and Instagram!


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