Let’s Go Lighter

I have been wanting to go lighter on my hair for a while now. It has been years since I have had any other color than my dark brown hair. After weeks of thinking it over and over I finally went for it.

Liz and I thought  we would go for an ashy blonde, but it is a process to get there since I have such dark hair. The first process turned my hair into a beautiful cherry cola color. I love how great it blends with the dark brown. I couldn’t be happier!

My second appointment is in a few weeks to get my a hair a little lighter. I am so happy we are easing into blonde instead of just “BAM” it’s blonde.

If you are in the Seneca/Clemson SC area please go visit Liz at Soluna Salon and Spa! She graduated from Kenneth Schuler in 2012 with her cosmetology license and she definitely knows hair!

Liz at Soluna Salon and Spa: 864. 882. 2299




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