Juice Cleanse with Kuka Juice

I did it! I honestly did not think I would make it through a 2 day juice cleanse. I have never done a juice cleanse before so I was a little scared to commit to it, but a detox was needed for sure. Most of the time I try my best to eat healthy, but those carbs and desserts just have a way of getting into my tummy.

My workout routine has been getting, better, but my eating habits could improve. So, I decided it was time to detox.  I heard great things about the Kuka Juice Cleanse so I had to go that route.
I had a total of 6 juices in a day. The day always started with a green juice and I finished the day with something sweet. In between those I had 3 juices about every 2 hours. I must tell you that y favorite juice of them all was Rawmond Joy. I don’t know why but it sort of tasted like a White Russian to me. Of course, that made the cleanse easier:)


Here are the Results:
Day 1: It went very well! I believe it was pretty easy! I made it through the day without wanting food. I stayed pretty full and had a good bit of energy. Day 2: It was still going ok, but I was really craving my coffee. Cutting out coffee is not easy for me, but I did it! Of course I started the day of with a green juice and went on a 20 minute walk. I kept myself pretty busy on this day so the time would fly by so I won’t end up craving food. At the end of the night before bed I realized I had completed the cleanse. I was so proud!

Kuka Juice is located at 101 Falls Park Drive in Greenville SC. You can also order online

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