Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps

I really wish I could be a pro on Photoshop, but of course for it is complicated. So I love using my iPhone apps to be create beautiful images.


1. Afterlight: This is my go-to app for editing.  With just a few taps I can brighten, saturate, crop, and more. It is very user friendly and my favorite. First, I use VSCO Cam then I use this one!

2. VSCO Cam: If you don’t have VSCO Cam yet, you need to get it. This is my second favorite after Afterlight. This app is pretty wonderful- the filters are fantastic and aren’t like any others that I can get through Afterlight or other editing apps. I feel that my photos are top  notch after using this.

3. Color Pop Effects: This one is great! It highlights selected parts of your photo by keeping those areas in cold and coverts the rest to black and white.

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