Carolina Clutches

Today I am so excited to introduce you all to a wonderful South Carolina small business called Carolina Clutches. Tashana, owner of Carolina Clutches designs some wonderful clutches and of course they are all so pretty.  She is very and I thought you all would enjoy her clutches too.

1) Tell the readers a little about yourself, including what you do and how you got there.

My name is Tashana Moore. I attended the University of South Carolina in
Columbia and graduated with a degree in Business Administration with a
minor in Retail. I wear many, many different hats. I am a wife to my
husband Kevin, a mother to our 4 children, an insurance adjuster, and most
importantly the being the proud owner of Carolina Clutches, LLC. I take
pride in creating handmade, statement bags. I grew up in a small town
called North…yes…North, South Carolina! As the daughter of a
seamstress, I had been around a sewing machine most all of my life. My
mom took several attempts at trying to teach me things (which I kick
myself about now) but at the time I didn’t understand much about sewing
and really didn’t take an interest at all. Fast forward – LIFE. I became
a wife and mother…yes it was awesome but there was the stress and hustle
and bustle of life, and me slowly fading into the background. I began to
feel like I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose and just kind of kept quiet about
it. I wanted time to do something I like, something that I enjoyed but
just didn’t know what “THAT” thing was. After many failed attempts at
this thing and that…nothing worked so I just let it go, told myself I
was going to pray for my true talents to be revealed, and continued on
with life. It all began in the fall of 2014 at a Carolina football game
tailgating with my husband. Game day after game day, I watched the young
ladies all dolled up in their garnet and black dresses, flip flops, and
boots. Some of the girls would carry handbags but most of them would just
walk around with their cellphone and keys in their hands. I told my
husband that these ladies need some small stylish handbags to make their
outfits pop AND still be able to carry all of their necessities. I went
home and took the idea to my mother. I did everything that was needed to
get started and was super excited about selecting fabrics for her to use
and getting them to her shop in North. My husband looks at me one day and
says, “Honey, if you are serious about this don’t you think you need to
know how to sew and make your bags?” My quick and not so nice response:
“NO! I don’t have time. I work full-time, we have 4 children, so when will
I have time to learn??” At that moment, I was discouraged and felt
somewhat defeated. I will admit…he was right. He went into a closet and
pulled down this little Kenmore sewing machine he purchased about a decade
ago when we were dating. I think that I might have attempted to use it
once. My mother came up one day to show me how to thread it and I watched
her make a bag on it. I still didn’t try…no interest at all. A few days
passed and I would look at the machine that became a permanent fixture on
my dining room table. Just to look at the machine intimidated me! I
started to put off anything with the business for a while and just
continued to pray for direction. Many prayers later and months passed. One
night after the kids were in bed, I walked by my dining room and stopped.
I grabbed some fabric, cut out a bag (without having a pattern…eeek),
grabbed a zipper, and sat down at the machine. I must admit…it came
natural to me. I made my first bag that very night. It wasn’t perfect but
it was fun, exciting, and most importantly…I had found my purpose
because it was relaxing AND it made me happy. This was the birth of
Carolina Clutches!

2) How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as versatile. While I love trendy things, I am
the biggest fan of timeless classics that never go out of style and looks
that can take you from night to day by easily changing up an accessory.
One day, I can be the yoga pants and fitted T girl, that evening I might
be in jeans, a cardigan, that same fitted T paired with riding boots, and
then the next week (if I’m lucky to get a date night with the Mr.) I can
take those jeans, pair them with a classic button down, and add some heels
for a night out on the town. Ha and don’t forget a Carolina Clutch to make
the outfit pop!!

3) What inspires you?

My mother is my inspiration. She is the most loving, intelligent,
talented, and faithful woman that I know. She has sewn almost all of her
life and continues to do so. I watched her be a wife, a mother, a teacher,
and start her own business from the ground up as well. She didn’t attend
any prestigious Fashion or Art school but she is the proud owner of
LeAnn’s of North and spent over 20 years teaching in the school system. I
really don’t like to brag but I must say…she is awesome. There is
NOTHING that she can’t do…from simple alterations all the way up to
window treatments and wedding gowns. I didn’t really didn’t take an
interest at all growing up, but now that I am a wife and mother, I often
wonder how she did it all and still kept her cool. I know the answer to
that though…it’s her faith in God. While I may not be as good as my
mom, I know that she still inspires me to learn as much as I can, dream
big, work hard, and pray harder and through God ALL things are possible.

4) What is your favorite clutch that you have made?

My favorite clutch that I have made so far was an oversized ivory cowhide
(hair-on) clutch. It was shaped like a trapezoid and had an asymmetrical
leather handle…just very unique and definitely a conversation piece. I
recall making it about 1am that Saturday morning, took it to market with
me at 9am, and it sold as soon as I put it on display around 9:15am. I
didn’t even get to take a picture of it but it’s definitely with me in
spirit. BUT if that customer is out there with this bag…take a picture
and send it to me (lol)!!

5) What training do you have or taught yourself?

I don’t have any ”official” training but I did minor in Retail Fashion
Merchandising at the University of South Carolina- Columbia. I never took
any formal sewing classes so I guess I could claim that I am self-taught
and actually still self-teaching and learning. I definitely keep my mom on
speed dial for troubleshooting and helping me figure out how to bring my
creative visions to life.

6) When you are not working on your designs, do you like to sew other

I really haven’t had the time yet but I as soon as I have a few free
moments I want to play around with making skirts and dresses.

7) When do you work on your designs?

I do most of my sewing and creating in the evening when the children are
gone to bed and the weekends.

8) Do you have a favorite fabric type that you like to work with?

I love textured solids, fun mod prints, canvas, exotic prints, faux
leathers, and genuine leather. I just love every fabric that I have laid
my hands.

9) Who is your favorite fabric designer? Or fabric store?

I don’t have a favorite fabric designer that I will name because I love
all fabrics. If something catches my eye and it’s a nice, quality piece
that looks AND feels good…I’m a fan.

One of my favorite local fabric stores I loved to pop in was Forest Lake
Fabrics. They had a great selection of fabrics and great customer service.
I’m saddened that they have been closed since the historic flood.

10) What advice do you have for a beginner or someone interested in
learning to sew clutches?

I would tell them to take their time learning and creating and don’t give
up! Learning to sew is trial and error and patience is definitely
necessary. Oh and learn your fabrics and supplies. Not everything has to
be super expensive but learning to recognize quality is KEY!

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