A Local’s Guide to a Day in Greenville, SC

I am a lover of traveling, but lately I have been able to embrace the greatness Greenville, SC has to offer. I really do enjoy Fall in the South, it’s not too warm and not too chilly. It is just right.

I have become very proud of Greenville, so I am excited to create a local’s guide to Greenville. It is filled with my favorite boutiques, coffee shops, and places to eat.

I can go ahead and tell you that Greenville is a fun, growing, and beautiful city. There is always something new going on. If you are looking for something to do in Greenville, you can check out Eventbrite, which is a website that gives you information and access to some of Greenville’s events and allows you to create your own with their event management software.


I highly recommend the Greenville Zoo. I absolutely love the giraffes.


Methodical Coffee is a new coffee shop that I am OBSESSED with and I can guarantee you will enjoy it.


Cone and Coleman, one of the best boutiques I have ever been in.

(Photo Credit: conecoleman.com)


Tupelo Honey is by far my favorite place to eat. You have to try the Shoo Mercy Shrimp and Grits.

 There are so many more wonderful things to do in Greenville that I can go on and on. Feel free to walk down the streets of Downtown Greenville, you will definitely enjoy it.

I hope you all enjoyed this guide for Greenville, SC.

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