I am one of those people who has to know the time is constantly. I am very picky on what kind of a watch I wear and when I received this one from JORD I was so happy! I love how simple it is and goes with just about any outfit. JORD is so unique; each watch is carved from the finest wood and worked to complete smoothness to ensure that it sits comfortably on your wrist. There are many types of wood  to choose from, ranging from dark Ebony to a light Maple.Screenshot_2015-09-22-12-10-32-1

Watch– c/o JORD

What I love about this company is that the packaging is amazing. The watch comes placed in a beautiful wooden box, which I love. I especially love how the watch is placed over a pillow. I love how the women’s watches actually look so elegant, which one can be surprised about since it is made of wood.

I have to say that I love my watch and I recommend JORD to anyone who is looking for a new watch to purchase.

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